Philips 75PUS7354/12 tv 190,5 cm (75 ) 4K Ultra HD Smart TV Wi-Fi Zilver

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Over Philips 75PUS7354/12 tv 190,5 cm (75 ) 4K Ultra HD Smart TV Wi-Fi Zilver

Philips P5 Engine. Whatever the source, always perfection.\nThe Philips P5 Perfect Picture Engine delivers an image as brilliant as the content you love. Details have noticeably more depth. Colours are vivid, while skin tones look natural. Contrast is so crisp you'll feel every detail. And motion is so smooth that you'll never lose sight of the ball, no matter how fast the play.\n\nDolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. Cinematic vision and sound.\nSupport for Dolby's premium sound and video formats means the HDR content you watch will look-and sound-gloriously real. Whether it's the latest streaming series or a Blu-Ray disc set, you'll enjoy contrast, brightness and colour that reflect the director's original intentions. And hear spacious sound with clarity, detail and depth.\n\nAmbilight. Take the emotion beyond the screen.\nWith Philips Ambilight, movies and games feel more immersive. Music gets a light show. And your screen will feel bigger than it is. Intelligent LEDs around the edges of the TV cast on-screen colours onto the walls and into the room, in real time. You get perfectly tuned ambient lighting. And one more reason to love your TV.\n\nGoogle Play store and Philips app gallery. More to love.\nGo beyond traditional TV programming with Google Play Store and Philips App Gallery. Experience endless movies, TV, music, apps and games online. More to love.\n\nAndroid TV. Simply smart.\nMake your Philips Android TV your own. If it's all about Amazon and YouTube this week and Rakuten TV and Netflix next week - no problem. A clear, intuitive interface lets you put the content you love front and centre. Easily pick up where you left off in the latest series, or check out the new movie releases.\n\nBright 4K LED TV. Vibrant HDR picture. Smooth motion.\nBright 4K LED TV. Vibrant HDR picture. Smooth motion. A Philips 4K UHD TV brings content to life with rich colours and crisp contrast. Images have more depth and motion is smooth. Movies, shows, games and more look great no matter the source.\n\nHDR10+ supported. See more of what the director intended.\nYour Philips TV is primed to get the most out of the HDR10+ video format. Contrast, colour and brightness levels are adjusted from frame to frame. Whether it's a must-watch series or the new blockbuster, shadows will be deeper. Bright surfaces will shine. Colours will be truer.\n\nAI voice control. Google Assistant built in. Works with Alexa.\nControl your Philips Android TV with your voice. Want to play a game, watch Netflix or find content and apps in the Google Play store? Just tell your TV. You can even command all Google Assistant-compatible smart home devices, like dimming the lights and setting the thermostat on movie night. Without leaving the sofa. The days of searching for the TV remote are over. Now you can use your voice to control your Philips smart TV via Alexa-enabled devices, like Amazon Echo. Turn your TV on, change the channel, switch to your gaming console and more with Alexa.